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Ryton Arms has been a major source of quality deactivated weapons for over 15 years.

The weapons we sell are from direct purchase contacts with overseas Governments and are deactivated by our staff in our workshops.

We know that customers require the best quality available and the high standard of deactivation will ensure the result is achieved.

After deactivation all our weapons are inspected by the Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House and a Deactivation Certificate is issued by them certifying that the work carried out on the firearm described upon it is as approved by the Secretary of State under Section 8 of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 for rendering the weapon incapable of discharging any shot, bullet or other missile.

Ryton Arms is on the Ministry of Defence approved list for the deactivation of weapons for the Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

We have deactivated "trophy weapons" brought back by all branches of the UK Military and recent overseas duty eg Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

These items have included Pistols; Revolvers and all types from Rifles; SMG's; LMG's; HMG's to heavy Mortars and evan Cannons used by the British Army in the battles of Hindu Kush and Afghanistan during the reign of Queen Victoria.

We also regularly deactivate armoured cars, self propelled guns and the whole range of tanks right up to the 50 tonne British Chieftain Tank for shipment to overseas collectors.

We have also supplied deactivated weapons to overseas Governments for use on ceremonial occasions.

Although we specialise in the weapons of World War 2 we normally stock some World War 1 and later items. We are continually expanding our product range and plan to add many new items and accessories to give the widest choice available in the UK.

We are presently importing material from the former USSR - this ranges from United States weapons shipped to help the Russian war effort in 1941/42; captured German weapons from the retreat from Stalingrad and Kursk and the whole range of weapons used by the Russian Armies during World War 2 to the present day.

Trade enquiries are invited for bulk orders and are subject to a minimum order.

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